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Join the Telemed community, as our mission it to improve to accessibility of virtual health across Ontario!


About Us

Mission -

To improve the accessibility of virtual care to patients across Ontario!

Telemed Innovations is a nationwide platform to help you seek medical attention through telemedicine services. Speak to our panel of general practitioners and specialists for easy accessible care at our location in Oshawa, Ontario!

Through Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) we provide telemedicine walk in services, lab services and a panel of specialist (Psychiatry, Paediatric & Adolescent Care, Gynecology, Dermatology, General Internist, Cannabis and more!). 

How It Works

Step 1 - Register

Register at reception with our on site medical staff. Please ensure you have your Health Card or valid insurance available.


Step 2 - Patient Intake & Assessment

A registered nurse will document the reason for visit and take all appropriate pre assessments (i.e., head to neck exam) prior to connecting with the doctor.


Step 3 - Connect to Doctor

Our nurse will connect with the appropriate physician for the consultation. Nurses will be available to provide additional assessments according to the doctors instructions. 


Step 4 - Treatment & Follow up

The doctor will provide a diagnosis that will be completed by the on site nurse. This might be providing a medication refill, perform blood work or other medical directives.

Telemedicine Walk In & Lab

Our Telemedicine Clinics provide various comprehensive care services

Walk In Clinic

  • General Consult

  • Medication Request/ Refill

  • Specialist Referral

  • Doctors Note 

  • Lab Requisition

  • Cannabis Referral

Lab Services

  • Mens Care

  • Womens Care

  • Geriatrics

  • Well Baby

  • Vaccination

Urgent Care Services

  • Wound Dressing 

  • Staple/Stitch Removal 

  • Strep Test 

  • Urinalysis 

  • Diagnostic Referral




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